Customer Focus
Once you decide to take a step towards saving money, we go to any length to deliver the best products and superior workmanship for your business or home.  Our experienced sales team goes above and beyond to make sure that all of your questions and concerns are answered.  We want to energize your business and home to allow you to provide your own energy needs and efficient frontier.  This not only provides cost savings, but also allows you to contribute to the community in which you serve and live.  In conjunction with the electrical company, we complete required documents and attain the permits on your behalf to ensure specifications are met and time lines are developed.  We call this initiative profits with purpose. 
President Larry Madura, a state licensed Master Electrician, which is an accreditation, based on examinations, accrued experience, and on-the-job training, employs his vast experience to customize your energy needs and desires.  Larry understands the synergy between electricity and solar design to accommodate your goals.  We apply over 30 years experience to right-size solutions.
Comprehensive Service & Installation
Unlike some other companies who simply sell a system and outsource the rest, our master electricians offer full service design and installation of both traditional and solar power solutions.  Our process assures efficiency and quality control for our customers.  We do the job ourselves.  No outsourcing or ancillary businesses to distract our focus, stretch our resources or engage in services we cannot fulfill.  Management oversight every day on the job is our convention.  This hands-on approach and attention to detail is the foundation in accepting responsibility and accountability to your success.  This is a pure play company focusing on a greener grid. 
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